might be quiet your end

Members might be inclined to think that the store loves a little rain to slow the combines down, but trust me, we much prefer a dry harvest. There is really no joy in watching lorries tip slowly as the grain struggles to go through the intake pits. On dry grain the store operates 5 tips, on wet grain only 3, so inevitably the back log on farm grows more in a wet year than a dry one.

Despite the “I will have to stop combining if I don’t get lorries”, members always find somewhere to tip grain. We have been tipping over 3000 tonnes/ day this week so harvest could be over in 20 days. When I first arrived at Hampshire Grain the store was half the size and took 8 weeks to fill, so despite what you think its not as bad as it once was.

And “no2 we have not taken the weekend off!!