Homeward straight – hopefully

After a damp weekend and a lot of members not wanting to work on Bank Holiday Monday we stood the fleet up for the day. Luckily the weather came good and we have had a week of clearing quite a few members of the last of the harvest whilst waiting for the combines to start again.

This week we have seen a big increase in Oat, bean and pea intake. Life has been made easier by low moistures on the beans meaning very little drying has been required. This week should see the long days come to an end and the store is unlikely to be open for the weekend. Staff can recharge their batteries over the weekend reday for a week of clearing upand rebuilding the plant.

Next week should see whether our estimates fo wheat yields down by 10% comes to fruition or not. Certainly the latter wheats have not been as good as the earlier wheats and this will only compound the situation.