Every year is different

As i look out the office window at torrential rain, one can only wonder at what the qaulity of both wheat and barley will be by the tiimeit gets to the store.
Our problem with barley is pre-germ, an issue we have not seen for a few years and in a nutshell it comes down to “it might grow now, but will it in 6 weeks time”. We can stop the pre-germ with drying and we are taking moistures lower than normal in order to help stabalize the barley, time consuming with barleys coming to the store at between 17 – 23% moisture.

On the wheat the problem is hagberg, on the loads of wheat this morning we have a variation of between 70 – 300 with Skyfall appearing to be the worst affected. The comedians amoungst the membership are now refering to this as “freefall”. so with the wheat its lots of different bins, lots of different pool classifications and fingers crossed things might improve.

Still the optimist after all these years.