We accept the inevitable

With no rain falling we are expecting the combines to go out again, hopefully tomorrow and not this afternoon when we know the grain will be very wet, rather than just wet. We know its our job to store the members grain but at some of the moistures we have already seen and are likely to see its hard work and slow.

A 30 tonne load at 17/18% moisture will take up to 25 mins to tip, at 23% or more we are looking at twice this as the grain just does not flow through the plant. If there is any quality left in the grain some of this will need almost 3 passes through the driers so bare in mind collections will be affected.

On a positive note quite a few members have managed to get to the cinema on these rainy days and see Dunkirk, not recommended by our panel of film critics, and the manager has looked at a new car but still cannot decide on V8 or V12.