Central Storage

Central storage – is it for me?

What we provide?

  • Is your present farm grain storage out of date and unable to meet the demands imposed by the modern harvest, the standards demanded by the Assured Combinable Crops scheme, Salmonella legislation and the Food Safety Act?
  • Will you find it difficult to attain the present 15% moisture level, or the lower levels in Malting Barley of 14.5% in a normal year?
  • Are you short staffed at harvest?
  • Do you find it difficult to segregate grades and varieties?
  • Concerned over the number of claims and rejections when delivering grain out? With local milling markets disappearing, export becoming less likely, rejections will become ever more expensive as grain travels further afield.

Invest in Central Storage

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES, investment in Central Storage could be the cost effective route for your grain storage needs. To find out more contact your local store and speak to the manager or contact Michael Clay on Telephone 01962 774420 / 07765234470


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