Maximizing Members Returns

Marketing is a full time job. The appointment of Openfield as marketing agents ensures that the benefits remain with the members. Openfields connection with other Central Stores along with their own off farm trading provides greater scale and reduces farmer to farmer competition. Openfield currently markets around 4 million tonnes/annum, through a strategic network of central stores and markets the grain for Trinity Grain.

What we provide?

  • All this combines to create a market-led sales strategy with the following features.
  • Minimisation of risk through sound choice of marketing partners.
  • Bad debt insurance on all sales.
  • Added value through blending.
  • Non speculative brief.
  • Maximum return to the producer.
  • 30 years of experience and excellent pool performance.
  • High level of service on grain movement and administration.
  • A choice of marketing options - harvest or long pools.
  • Unbiased and fair approach to grain marketing.

Trinity Grain is firmly established as a preferred supplier to millers, maltsters, compounders and shippers because of its ability to offer large consignments of known specification cargo.


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