Onsite Plan

Our grain facilities explained


Please see links below relating to the location for dedicated areas of our onsite grain facilities.

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Area 1

The site has 2 Flatstores, one holding 10,000 Tonnes and the second 11,000 Tonnes. One of the hangers is a converted WW2 aircraft hangar, which over the years has been completely re-clad. Both stores are filled using roof mounted conveyor belts and emptying is via the site loading shovel. The stores are ventilated and have temperature monitoring equipment.

Historically these stores have been used for Oilseed Rape.

Area 1, store and new bins

Area 2

These 16 bins have a combined capacity of 2,600 Tonnes and are the holding bins where the in-coming grain is segregated into the different grades prior to processing. These bins are hopper bottomed and as such are self-emptying bins. The store aims to have these bins empty at the start of the days intake, having processed the grain the previous day and overnight if required.

Out of the harvest season these bins are used to ready the grain for out loading, allowing blending of the grain to as close to the required specification as possible.

Zone 2 wet holding
Zone 2 wet holding

Area 3

The store has 17 storage bins with a combined capacity of 19,500 Tonnes, with sizes varying from 800 to 4000 Tonnes. The last of these bins being added in 2014. The bins are flat bottomed with integrated sweep augers. The bins are ventilated and have temperature monitoring.

Area 3 storage bins

Area 4

The machinery building contains the control room, where the staff can control all elements of the site via microprocessors displaying routing details onto computer screens. Recently up-graded the system allows off site monitoring to help with fault finding if required.

The store has six intake pits of various capacities. Three are primarily intake processing routes with the others available for dry grain direct to storage.

The building also contains the sites 2 main cleaners and colour sorter.

Area 4 machinery building

Area 5

As well as office space and welfare facilities, the building contains the sites modern testing facilities where all incoming and outgoing loads are tested before tipping or despatch. All loads are tested vi a pneumatic spear allowing accurate testing of all loads. The lab forms part of the stores TASCC registration and is subject to annual audits and participates in ring check schemes ensuring consistency of testing across all 3 Trinity sites.

The weighbridges are tested annually by weights and measures as well as the in-house monitoring procedures.

Area 5 office and weighbridge

Area 6

A plant within a plant, this section consists of 16,000 Tonnes of malting barley storage in partnership with Crisp Maltings. The store has its own cleaner and out-loading hoppers, and drying is carried out on a contract basis through the main store’s drying facilities.

The store managers this grain for the client on an annual basis.

Area 6 crisp plant
Area 6 crisp plant

Area 7

Planning permission was obtained for 17,000 Tonnes of additional space in 2013. With the aid of grant money 2 * 2500 Tonnes were built, leaving the store with 12,000 Tonnes of planning permission in hand. This would be in the form of 4 * 3,000 Tonne bins


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