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Our grain facilities explained


Please see links below relating to the location for dedicated areas of our onsite grain facilities.

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Area 1

The site has 3 Flatstores - 2 * 5,000 Tonnes which formed part of the original 1978 development and a 2500 Tonne store added in 1994. All the stores have low volume ventilation and temperature monitoring. Loading is from roof mounted belt conveyors and out loading is a combination of conveyors and then loading shovel.

Area 2

These 18 bins split between the 2 plants are the stores "Wet" bins giving plenty of options for segregation of the different crops. As the store has to take in many different crops on a daily basis these bins allow the flexibility to meet member's demands in harvest and allow segregation to match any sales opportunity. These self-emptying hoppers bottomed bins also double up as out loading bins adding to the "blending" options the store has. It is the aim of the store to deliver as close to the contract values as possible.

These bins have a combined capacity of 3,100 Tonnes. In harvest it is the stores aim that by working 24hour days these bins are empty at the start of each days intake.

Area 3

The store has 52 storage bins with a combined capacity of approx 50,000 Tonnes, with bins varying in size from 450 Tonnes to 4,000 Tonnes. The bins all have low volume ventilation and temperature monitoring allowing efficient cooling and monitoring of the grain in store. Bins are all flat bottomed with sweep augers fitted for emptying. The storage has been added to over the years with the final development of 3 * 1,000 Tonne bins being completed for  harvest 2011.

Area 4

Machinery Building 2 was constructed in 1989 as part of a 15,000 Tonne development. The building contains a cleaner and gravity table and controls for the 2 driers with a combined capacity of 120Tonnes per hour. The control room now looks after approx 30,000 Tonnes of storage. This part of the plant was originally designed for Oilseeds and Pulses and still does all the pulses and the majority of the Oilseed.

Area 5

The Office and weighbridge facility contains the main offices and the laboratory. The laboratory is fully independent, testing the members grain both into and out of the store as part of our quality control policy. All grain is weighed and sampled both on the way into and out of the store. Weighbridges are inspected by Weights and Measures annually and the laboratory forms part of the stores TASCC registration.

The laboratory tests for all quality criteria required to pool the grain into the store, and tests grain out of the store to ensure that our customers receive the goods as per the contract requirements. The store "Vendor Assures" some grain leaving the store, delivered to both Millers and Maltsters.

Area 6

Machinery Building 1 was part of the initial build in 1978. Then a 20,000 tonne store this building houses 2 cleaners and 2 driers with a combined capacity of 100 Tonnes per hour. The control room looks after approx 33,000 Tonnes of storage. This part of the plant has always been responsible for the Malting Barley from members, with driers designed for easy changes between commodities. With cleaners capable of meeting the demands of our customers, options are available to the store which might not be available to farmers.

Area 7

There are 5 main intake pits around the site. Three intakes are seen as processing routes when grain requires drying, with an additional 2 intake pits for dry grain. Recent investment in these pits has seen intake capacity increase by 50% for dry grain.


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