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Our grain facilities explained


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The start of the journey for any grain entering our stores. The quality control building was completed in 2013 and it is the home of the main site office, the laboratory and the weighbridge control room. All grain is weighed and sampled both on the way into, and out of, the store and tested in the comprehensive laboratory facilities. The tests are to guarantee that the grain is graded and stored in the appropriate area and quality checked for any problems, also it is to safeguard our customers and ensure the goods arrive at their destination as per the contract requirements. 

Area 2 - SILOS

The site is split into two distinct plants, Old Plant and New Plant with 28,000 Tonnes and 72,000 Tonnes total capacity, respectively. The bins range in size from 430 Tonnes to 2,430 Tonnes.

All the bins have temperature monitoring, high volume ventilating (particularly needed for the malting barley), and integral sweep augers.

New plant has bulk out-loading bins which can load a lorry in under 6 minutes. This is extremely helpful when a quick turnaround is needed, and we can fill around 20 lorries per hour if necessary. The conveyors to the storage silos have been recently upgraded to 150 Tonnes per hour and were extremely successful this year with their new processing capacity.

Old plant, although smaller in capacity, is very useful for smaller amounts of commodities such as naked oats, where a large bin would not be necessary. It deals with the majority of the pulses that come in but also takes a bit of everything in order to keep the whole plant running smoothly in busy periods.

The store has been developed and added to over the years with the latest ten 1,600 Tonnes silos installed prior to harvest 2012 harvest.


The machinery building in Old Plant was constructed in 1984 and houses two dryers (each running at 75 Tonnes per hour for wheat) and two cleaners (running at 60 Tonnes per hour each). It has its own control room for the machinery, 28 silos and 10 holding bins.

New Plant also has two cleaners and two twin column dryers (running at 120 Tonnes per hour and 90 Tonnes per hour). The reason for having twin columns means we can still continue to dry at half capacity should there be a fault in one of the columns, thus operations can continue without significant delays. There is a workshop where the majority of in-house repairs can be carried out. We have a large stock of spares for general maintenance and speedy recovery times should a problem arise. The control room has touch screen for the dryers, a ventilation control panel for the systems covering the entire plant and can be operated solely by one staff member outside of harvest months.


There are 18 holding bins on total. These bins allow us the flexibility to segregate crops on intake, when many different commodities are all arriving at once, and for out-loading and also allow the option of ’blending’ crops to specification. The aim of the store is to match and deliver as close to the contract values as possible. The bins can also be used to load from, given advance warning, and can therefore speed up the whole loading process.


The site has four intake pits in total, two on each plant. Old plant can intake at 100 Tonnes per hour each and on New plant the pits can manage 150 Tonnes per hour each. Having the site split in two allows us to control the busiest periods by splitting crops over the two sites and making the best use of both at once.


To Enable the Shrewton Store to meet the ever-increasing demand for the services it provides for its membership, we applied for planning permission to build a 20,000 Tonnes flat store. The planning has been fully granted and we have purchased the additional 2.7 acres of land, situated on our western boundary, required for the project.


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