Cost effective solutions
for your grain
storage needs

Cost effective solutions
for your grain
storage needs


The site is comprised of an array of varying sized silo storage and flat stores.

Such storage capability means we are able to meet the demands of strict levels of quality separation required by the memberships marketing partners.

All Silos are fully ventilated and temperature monitored to ensured quality is preserved during long term storage.


  • 37,000 Tonnes In 24 Silos
  • 19,000 Tonnes In 2 Flat Stores
  • 2,400 Tonnes In 16 Holding and Pre-store Bins
  • 600 Tonnes In storage Bunker
  • 2 Ministry stamped weighbridges
  • 5 main intake pits
  • Recently updated dust and filtration extraction system, drawing contaminants from grain during drying, cleaning, moving.
  • 2 Westrop cleaners each capable of a 70 Tonnes/hour output.
  • 4 continuous flow grains driers with a combined capacity of 210 Tonnes/hour @ 5% moisture extraction
  • A 25 Tonnes/hour Satake Colour Sorter invaluable for separating ergot and other unwanted bodies from grain.
  • temperature monitoring equipment.

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