Cost effective solutions
for your grain
storage needs


Intake Facilities

Five intake pits linked to 18 separate holding silos with a maximum intake capacity of 570 Tonnes/per hour. These ensure quick turn round of vehicles and the ability to ensure a maximum 72 hour collection from time of combining over the harvest period. The number of wet holding bins maximises our flexibility at harvest time to segregate varieties as well as quality.


Drying Facilities

The store runs seven continuous flow driers with a total 289 Tonnes/per hour capacity providing a highly efficient and environmentally beneficial grain conditioning solution for growers and customers alike. These facilities allow us to offer our members superb service.

2 x 60 Tonnes/hour
1 x 49 Tonnes/hour
2 x 35 Tonnes/hour
2 x 25 Tonnes/hour


Approx 101,000 Tonnes of storage comprising of:
16 x 2,500 Tonnes silos
5 x 2,200 Tonnes silos
18 x 1,600 Tonnes silos 14 x 920 Tonnes silos
9 x 430 Tonnes silos


5 intake pits coupled to the following holding silos:
4 x 500 Tonnes silos
4 x 300 Tonnes silos
4 x 200 Tonnes silos
6 x 125 Tonnes silos

Out loading:

3 x Bulk Bins
2 x 240 Tonnes/hour bulk spout


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