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Quality Testing

Over the last few years there has been an increased awareness to the standards by which grain and other arable crops are stored and marketed. Trinity Grain has been at the forefront of Quality Assurance Schemes. Traceability and provenance is increasingly important in the food industry. With this in mind, there are strict procedures in place at all three Trinity Grain sites to ensure the quality and traceability of all products.

Adding value to the supply chain through providing a quality product is one of the foundation principles of Trinity Grain. All crops are analysed on intake, despatch and at least once a month during storage time.

The Foss Infratec is used to analyse moisture for all crops, nitrogen levels in malting barley, specific weight in wheat and feed barley and oil levels in OSR.

2.25mm and 2.5mm screenings are measured on malting barley. OSR is measured for admix levels. These are both indications of final weight and quality.

Legislation regarding Pesticide residues and new legislation proposed on Micro-Toxin levels are easily monitored. The standards required by all these schemes are easily attainable at the Micheldever site.

Trinity Grain is fully certified under the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops 

Proficiency Schemes

NIR Network

Moisture content, oil content, nitrogen levels and specific weight are analysed using a specific piece of equipment called the Infratec. As this is used to test every load that comes into or leaves the Trinity Grain sites its accuracy is vital. In order to ensure accuracy, we belong to the UK NIR Grain Network.

All machines belonging to the network are calibrated before harvest and calibrations made remotely by engineers through electronic updates. Once a month test samples are sent to network members as a ring check to ensure all equipment remains correctly calibrated. This process ensures that wherever a members grain is delivered within the company, the results will always be the same. This also gives us the confidence to fight any claims at the delivery point, if we feel that they are wrong.

Openfield Scheme

This scheme provides a means of independently assessing performance by participation in a ring check that will meet the requirements of TASCC and HGCA advisory standards. This enables participants to demonstrate to customers and regulatory bodies the validity of their results.


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